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For God so loved the world … John 3:16

William Borden, heir to the Borden Milk Products family fortune and graduate of Yale University, went to China as a missionary. His family and friends in America thought he’d taken leave of his senses, walking away from a life of comfort and riches. He’d been missing for several days when they found his body in a tent. Under Bill’s hand was his Bible. These words were found inscribed within its cover, “No reserve! No retreat! No regrets!”

That’s what often happens when gripped by God’s love. It changes everything! It changes your life forever. Your perspective of what truly matters becomes clear. You discover there is absolutely nothing greater than the love of God. That’s why William Borden could exhibit such devotion. He discovered that money, riches, or fame could never equal a single drop of the blood Christ shed for him or any of us for that matter. God’s love had radically changed his life forever. It’s why Borden could write: “No reserve! No retreat! No regrets!”