“Wounded Emotions” – By Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

I will … replace for you the years that the locust has eaten. Joel 2:25, AMP

Fifty-two percent of all marriages in America end in divorce. One out of every four people has been molested. Tragically, they will grow up feeling like “damaged goods.”

But there’s good news! Jesus heals wounded emotions. I know, because He did it for me. The first step is always forgiving the person that hurt you. If you don’t, they not only take your past, but you give them your future. Don’t do it, child of God! Forgiving may be hard, but it’s not nearly as costly as holding on to the hurt. God says He’ll restore and replace the years that were taken from you.
Life is about seasons (see Genesis 8:22). You have a choice-you can keep lamenting the harvest you’ve lost, or you can start a new one. All you have to do is sow. Sow your love, sow your abilities, sow your resources-every seed begins a new harvest. Other people don’t determine your harvest, you do! Decide what kind of harvest you want and then you’ll know what kind of seed to plant. Don’t speak words that reinforce your resentment and memorialize your past. Start announcing what God is going to do in your future. Come into agreement with Him. If He says He’s going to restore and replace those lost years, then it’s time you started making plans.