The Orphan Heart – by Pastor Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

“God’s Spirit touches our spirit and confirms who we really are.” Romans 8:16, TM

 Do you have an orphan heart? It’s a heart that needs everybody to love it. Ten thousand people may, but that’s not enough-it will always focus on the one who doesn’t and obsess over them. Have you ever held arguments in your mind with people who corrected you, or worse, criticized you? That’s the orphan heart, and no amount of human love can ever meet its need.

But there’s something that can: the Spirit of ADOPTION. Listen: “You have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, ‘Abba, Father”‘ (Romans 8:15). The Message says, “God’s Spirit confirms who we really are” (Romans 8:16). That’s what the Spirit of God wants to do for you today; let you know who you really are. You’re God’s child! You’re an heir to all He owns! You’re protected day and night by His love! You’re directed step-by-step by His Spirit! You’re given favor even in the midst of adversity! You’re His!

Adoption is an act of premeditated love. It says, “Before you saw Me, I saw you. I adopted you. I gave you My name, My nature, My family, and My inheritance.” Now you can call Me “Abba,” which literally means, “My Daddy.” How wonderful! You can run to God today, curl up into His arms, and say to Him, “My Daddy.” What a beautiful picture!