The Days of Time and Chance – By Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

“Time and chance happeneth to them all.” – Ecclesiastes 9:11

Live every day like there was no tomorrow. Speak that kind word, send those flowers, make that phone call, spend time with your children or grandchildren, volunteer to teach that class, visit that shut in. Stop merely thinking about it and start doing it.

I once ministered to a young lady in her mid-forties. I had preached her sister’s funeral. Twenty years before they had a bitter argument, and apart from exchanging pleasantries at family gatherings, not a word had been spoken between them since. They were both stubborn, and neither of them would give in. At the graveside, this successful young woman collapsed and began weeping, and said, “I loved her so much, but somehow I could never tell her … and now I’ll never have a chance to.”

You get better perspective at a funeral than you do at a party. In my autumn years, I find myself thinking a lot about the seasons of my life and about what is really important. Was I so busy paying the mortgage that I didn’t get to enjoy the house? Did I put my career ahead of myloved ones and now there’s so little time left to enjoy them? When you reach the end, what will you wish you had done in the days of “time and chance”? Child of God, you need to give this some thought today.