Tell the Devil Today, “Not an Inch” – by Pastor Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

“Living or dying we follow the Lord. Either way we are His.”  – Romans 14:8, TLB

 If Satan can’t have everything, he’ll take whatever he can get. When Moses told Pharaoh,

“Let us go that we may serve the Lord,” Pharaoh made him three offers. First, “Go serve the Lord, but leave your children here.” Next, “Serve the Lord but leave your cattle and goods here.” Last, “Go, but don’t go far.” Moses said, “No!” and so should you!

Satan is making you the same offer today: “Serve the Lord but let me have your kids.” Or, “Serve the Lord, but let me have your business.” “Limit your Christianity to Sunday-act like me the rest of the week.” Besides, additional nights to church is too much and too far! His final offer is, “Serve the Lord, but don’t go far.” Why read the Bible? It’s more enjoyable watching TV. Why pray? It’s hard work that’s better left to others. Why tithe? Think of what you could do with that money. Be a Christian but don’t go too far.”

Child of God, do you recognize those words? Has the devil been talking to you lately? Have you been cold in heart and compromising in your attitudes? Don’t give the devil an inch. Don’t let him have your children. Don’t let him have your business. Don’t let him keep you on a short leash. Tell him today that you are going to serve the Lord and you’re taking everything with you!