Overlooked – by Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

“Are these all the sons you have?” “There is still the youngest,” Jesse answered … Samuel said, “Send for him.” – 1 Samuel 16:11, NIV

When it came to looks, experience, and position, David couldn’t compete with his brothers. Although Jesse had eight sons, he only brought seven of them out for Samuel. Where was David?-in the fields feeding his sheep and fellowshipping with God. He had been overlooked-but not by God. God knew who he was, where he was, and when the time for him to be brought out of obscurity would occur. He didn’t have to do a thing to promote himself. He just walked with God and stayed in God’s presence. When the time was right, God sent Samuel to get him.

God knows who you are. He sees where you are today, and in Jeremiah 29:11, He says, “I know the plans I have for you.” Your future is not in the hands of an organization or an individual, it’s in the hands of the Lord, and when the time is right, He’ll move on your behalf.

You haven’t been overlooked, you’ve been looked after. In the midst of boils, bankruptcy, and bereavement, Job could say, “He knows the way that I take: When he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:10). Your time of waiting is not wasted. Use it to draw closer to the Lord and build a relationship with Him that will prepare you for your future.