Jesus Understands — By Pastor Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

“Jesus understands every weakness of ours … ” Hebrews 4:15, CEV

Bob Weber, who served as president of the Kiwanis International, loved to tell this story:

He had spoken to a club in a small town and was spending the night with a farmer on the outskirts of town. He and the farmer were relaxing on the front porch following supper, when the paper boy delivered the evening paper. The boy noticed the farmer’s sign: “Puppies for sale.” The boy got off his bike and said to the farmer, “How much do you want for the pups, mister?”

“Twenty-five dollars each, son”

Weber saw the boy’s face drop, “Well, sir, could I at least see them anyway?” The farmer whistled and in a moment the mother dog came bounding around the corner of the house, followed by four of the cutest puppies you would ever see, tails wagging and yipping happily. Finally, another pup came straggling around the house, dragging one hind leg. “What’s the matter with that puppy, mister?” the boy asked.

Well, son, that pup is crippled. We took her to the vet and he took an x-ray. The pup doesn’t have a hip joint and that leg will never be right.

To the amazement of both men the boy dropped his bike, reached for his collection bag, and took out a fifty-cent piece. “Please, mister,” the boy pleaded, “I want to buy that pup. I’ll pay you fifty cents every week until the $25 is paid. Honest I will, mister.”

The farmer replied, “But, son, you don’t seem to understand. That pup will never be able to run or jump. She will be crippled forever. Why in the world would you want such a useless pup as that?”

The boy paused for a moment, then reached down and pulled up his pants leg, exposing an iron leg brace and leather knee-cap strap. The boy answered, “Mister, that pup is going to need someone who understands her to help her in life.”