Being In “That Place” – by Pastor Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

Then the LORD said, “There is a place near me where you may stand.” Exodus 33:21, NIV

Opinion polls are fickle! The children of Israel forgot in forty days all God had done for them in forty years. While Moses was at the top of the mountain with God, they were at the bottom worshipping a golden calf. If you seek to do anything significant for God, then here’s a lesson you must learn: Love the people and lead them, but listen to God only!

God told Moses, “There is a place near me where you may stand.” That should be the goal and passion of your life, to find “that place” and stay in it. When Moses was there, he could handle anything. He received revelation, built a relationship with God, and got clear guidance on how to lead the people to their inheritance. But out of “that place” he was no different from the crowd—(neither are you)!

If God has called you—find “that place.” Minister out of “that place” and relate to those around you out of “that place.” Do business out of “that place.” Raise your family out of “that place.” Remember, this is not just any place … it’s the place beside Him! Nothing in your life is more important than being there!