A Little Farther – By Pastor Nate Carter

Pastor Nate Carter

And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, ” … not as I will, but as You will.” – Matthew 26:39

He left the crowd; He left the twelve disciples; He even left the three who were closest to Him, and He went “a little farther.” It was here, face to face with the Father, that He found the strength to embrace the will of God for His life. Today, God is saying to you, “the strength to handle the crisis and the wisdom to know which way to go will be yours, if you’ll just go a little farther, rise a little earlier, stay in My presence a little longer, dig a little deeper. If you only knew how close you were to the answer.” Jesus was only a few hours away from the cross, and a few days away from the resurrection, and a few months away from the birthing of a church that would change the world. Are you in Gethsemane? Surrendering your will is hard! Before heaven accepted the sacrifice of a broken body, it demanded the sacrifice of a broken will. David cried, “Teach me to do your will” (Psalm 143:10, NIV). There’s no getting around this!

Florence Chadwick failed in her first attempt to swim the English Channel because of fog. She couldn’t see the shore, yet she was less than half-a-mile from the coast. When they told her how close she had been, she broke down and wept. But she went back again, and broke the world record because she understood that everything she had lived and worked for could be hers if she would “only go a little farther.” Is God saying something to you in this today?