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Many Tried to hush him up, but he yelled all the louder, and Jesus stopped in His tracks.” Mark 10:46, TM

His deliverance meant more to blind Bartimaeus than his dignity and seeing meant more to him than looking good. If what you’ve done thus far hasn’t worked, at least be willing to try something different. Don’t give up until you get God’s attention.

Most of the crowd that day would have been happy to see Bartimaeus sit blind and begging by that highway for the rest of his life. Note the words, “Many tried to hush him up.” You’ll have to overcome some of those same voices to get to Jesus. Like the sincere Christian who’ll tell you that “the day of miracles has passed.” Please understand that there never was a day of miracles. There’s only a God of miracles and He never changes.

Others who love you and feel protective over you will try to lower your expectations to keep you from reaching out and being disappointed. Some will even say, “You got yourself into this mess, so don’t expect God to get you out of it.” Don’t listen to those voices. Zacchaeus climbed up a tree to get to Jesus. Others raised the roof. Child of God, if you can think-then pray! If you can still breathe-then call on His name! As long as you’re living keep reaching for Him! Take advantage of any importunity and never, never, give up!