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“Woe to you who are complacent in Zion.” – Amos 6:1, NIV

Americans were fascinated with a young rock star, Kurt Cobain, who took his own life and shocked thousands of his followers. When they were asked why they loved him so much, many of them replied, “His music stirred something inside us, it had passion.” Think about that for a moment.

A pastor friend of mine, whose son is a professional rock musician, told me that when he invited him to go to church he refused. This man has a close and loving relationship with his son, so he asked, “Why won’t you come?” His son replied, “Because there’s no passion. People just sit there like bumps on a log.”

How can we be born-again and filled with the Spirit of God, and just sit there and show no excitement and no emotion. Something is wrong! In the New Testament church, they were blamed for being drunk and turning the world upside down. Today, the world hardly notices we’re around. John Wesley said, “If Christians would get on fire, the world would come to watch us burn.” A religion that costs you nothing, is worth nothing. If your experience with God doesn’t excite you-it won’t attract anybody else. Today, get into God’s presence and ask Him to give you a passion for Christ that sets you on fire.