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“Lovest thou me more than these?” John 21 :15 This is the first time Peter had come face to face with Jesus since the night he denied Him. The weight of that awful failure must have been crushing. But what’s amazing here is Jesus never brought up Peter’s past. He didn’t ask, “How could you have turned your back on Me when I needed you most?” No, the only question He asked him was, “Do you really love Me?” That’s the real question. Jesus asked it three times of Peter, and He’s asking it of you today. Do you love Me? “Do you love Me more than anyone else, or anything else?” Peter’s answer has to be your answer, too, “Lord, you know I love You. Others may doubt it-my weakness and failure may have convinced them of it, but You know.”
You see, you can be religious and not love Him. You can go to church and not love Him. You can give to the poor and not love Him. That night, Jesus looked into the heart of a man who was hurting beyond words, and saw a love that was true in spite of human frailty. Because of it, He restored him and sent him out to change the world. Child of God, take a little time today and think about this question from the lips of Jesus, “Do you love me?”