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Self-control means controlling your tongue. A quick retort can ruin everything. – Proverbs 13:3, TLB
Don’t let the need to rescue someone push you into answering before you have heard the whole story, and before you have taken time to pray about it. I’m amazed how differently I feel about something just a few hours or a few days, and in some cases a few years later. Hindsight truly is 2020.

Pride says, “Don’t just stand there, say something!” Wisdom says, “Don’t just say something, stand there!” Quietly ask God for insight. One word from Him can turn things around in a hurry. In this age of instant tea and instant potatoes we look for instant answers. When tragedy strikes, not only do we get the news immediately, but within minutes experts appear on television to tell us why it all happened. But sometimes wisdom is silence.

Jesus had the power to summon 12 legions of angels to defend Him, yet, “He opened not His mouth.” Pilate did all the talking. Jesus just stood there quietly, for He was not on trial, Pilate was, and the religious system’s men were. Jesus knew His destiny and, most of all, He knew His Father intimately. When you know God, you can face anything with confidence-and yet be free to keep quiet. What a wonderful place for you to be today.